Kylé and the Continent

Super big H/T to my friend over at for directing me to these print ads. They are for the Bioscope, the “only”  independent art house cinema in Johannesburg. I put only in quoties because there are several “non-independent” art house places in town that I appreciate very much.

Basically they are taking scenes from Jo’burg life and tagging them with classic films (“Taxi Driver”; “The Birds”). A lot of these alternative, “glocal” places have opened up in Jo’burg since I came to DC for university. Every time I go back I feel a little behind the curve, a little less cool, a little less hip, a little more dislocated. 

At the end of next month I’ll be home for the first time since May. So excited guys, so excited. 

You can find more of the series here:!/photos/131000/3

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